Key Brands

Key Brands of Exploring Innovations

A) Exploring Avenues:

We offer research and consultancy services in the field of education, community development, women empowerment, capacity building, health, etc. The services are targeted to government agencies, development agencies and organizations in order to facilitate them to plan, implement and check on various innovative projects at various points of time. The consultants have strong prior experience in the field of research and consultancy with various organizations including World Bank, Save the Children Nepal, British Council, U.S. Embassy, European Union, Royal Danish Embassy, JICA, UNESCO, UNICEF etc.

B) Enhancing Skills:

We offer training and skill enhancement programs for the officials working in various public and private organizations. We also conduct training for teachers of all levels of education starting. The trainings will help the teachers’ improve their classroom behavior, teaching skills and create interactive teaching and learning environment. The facilitators have had a strong background in teacher development and continue to work in the same field in their professional lives as well.

C) Inspiring Leadership:

We also offer leadership workshops to the emerging leaders of various organizations including students. Our packages have been designed to best suit professionals, secondary, higher secondary and undergraduate level students. The workshops are designed and delivered interactively promoting participation and practical learning. The packages have been built on the philosophy that skills are not taught, but exist within everyone, proper inspiration can trigger and help develop these skills to create better leaders for tomorrow.