Rebuilding Nepal

Rebuilding Nepal through Children’s Education: Educational Support to the Earthquake Affected Children

On the 25th of April 2015, a 7.9 magnitude quake hit Nepal and it about 9000 people in different parts of the country and damaged about 200,000 houses. Some of the villages were wiped out by heavy landslides and thousands of people have been homeless.
About 15000 schools have been completely damaged leaving hundreds and thousands of children out of schools. Schools in these areas are running in temporary learning centers (TLCs) and many children are still afraid of attending the schools due to the frequent aftershocks and the trauma they experienced during the earthquake. According to UNICEF, about one million children are directly affected by the earthquake and they are at the risk of either leaving schools or face various health and safety challenges. Majority of the children who leave schools are the girls as their parents want them to support them in the household chores that include baby sitting and/or helping them in the subsistence farming. As the poverty in these areas is paramount, parents cannot afford the various costs involved in their daughters’ education. Thus, the girls in the most affected areas are at the risk of leaving schools.
Exploring Innovations would like to support the earthquake affected children particularly the girls with a support package that include;

  •  Scholarship to cover the cost of the exam fee and other charges in cash
  •  Stationery support
  •  School uniform

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